DEFINITION - (n.) the state of being in contentment; genuine satisfaction or positive fulfillment

Continents Explored
Organic Farm Partners
Years of Research
Cups of Tea

SATIÉTÉ is aboutsatisfaction.authenticity.goodness.YOU.

SATIÉTÉ is the culmination of a life-changing journey across 5 continents that forged bonds of true friendship… A chance to discover new sights and smells, embrace beautiful cultures, and learn timeless secrets to enjoying fulfillment and peace in every day life.

Capture memories of your life’s most satisfying moments in wonderfully pure & unique fragrances.

SATIÉTÉ products are not just about scent… they’re about sanctuary.

Our Mission

As a company, we’ve made it our mission to share life’s experiences together and to do good.

That means creating only the highest-quality cosmetics, scientifically formulated from  all-natural ingredients sourced in the faraway lands where we’ve traveled, with one goal — to effectively enhance beauty through well being.

Naturally Made with Love

Our products are natural, vegan-friendly and NEVER tested on animals. Yep, 100% cruelty-free. We use organic ingredients, direct from certified farms.

Green Chemistry & Production

We make our products in ways that conserve the earth’s natural resources.

Social Responsibility

We speak up for what’s right and help people in need. A portion of all sales go to Earth Conservation and Domestic Abuse Survivor Help.